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PECB - Professional Training Certificates

PECB - Professional Training Certificates

PECB e-learning certification goes beyond the ordinary and keeps you ahead of the trend in a structured career path and ever-changing technologies.

Getting certification against a particular ISO standard, resulting is a key success factor in your organization. The following are key:-

    •  Information security management & controls based on ISO /IEC 27001, 27002. 27005
    • Business continuity management
    • Cyber security
    • Risk management – ISO/IEC 31000
    • Emergency management – ISO/IEC 22320
    •  Anti-bribery management – ISO/IEC 37001
    • OHES management system – ISO/IEC 45001

If you would like to take a certification course in security, start with IPSS.

Register for IPSS short security specialization courses by clicking on this link Register Here or talk to us at 0722 311 701 or 0707 933 521.