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Online Academy

Online Academy

Online academy is a cost-effective and convenient way of training & certification. It helps you achieve your career goals and stand out in area of specialization.

Enroll in a certification and professional development course(s) that will propel you along the selected career path.

PECB eLearning training courses are now available in Kenya. We help you learn and upskill through our engaging, high-quality, and numerous training courses in multiple fields. While architecting a physical barrier-free future, we make sure you have an unrivaled learning experience!

With a variety of advanced local and international training courses and certification services, we make decision-making easier for you to boost your career – lifelong investment.

To keep you ahead of the trends, we offer training courses in an array of topics ranging from fraud investigations, counter-terrorism specialist course, CCTV control room operations, occupational safety, enterprise security management, Event security, executive VIP protection and security driver’s course, cyber security and more.

It is time for you and your organization to be in charge of your staff’s skills development, reward & recognition and professional development. We are here to accompany and partner with you in your journey to enhance performance & service delivery.

Register for IPSS PECB certified online courses by clicking on this link or talk to us at 0722 311 701 or 0707 933 521.