PECB Certification

PECB Certification

Benefits of The Certification

  • Global Recognition
    Deciding on the best organization or certification body that offers qualitative and credible training and certification services proves that you are in compliance with, up to speed, professional and trustworthy learning practices. Our online certification, PECB, boasts recognition in both domestic and overseas markets. Being accredited by some of the most strict and most reputable accreditation bodies in the world gives us an upper hand in the global market.
  • Competent Personnel 
    PECB is acknowledged by technically competent people that have relevant sector experience. All our personnel hold professional credentials and are constantly trained and monitored to ensure more than satisfactory outcomes for our clients.
  • Compliance to Standard 
    Certification is proof of compliance to a particular standard. It proves that the standard’s requirements and principles have been fulfilled and validated with adequate consistency, professionalism, and impartiality. PECB accredited certifications are evidence of strict compliance and high-quality standards. 
  • Reasonable Fees 
    Being able to afford professional and credible certification services that are recognized globally can be a struggle in today’s world.  Besides being the lowest charging organization for professional training and certification services, including both the examination and certification process fees, PECB also has the most affordable certification maintenance fees in the industry.

PECB professionals will:

  1. Conduct themselves professionally, with honesty, accuracy, fairness, responsibility, and independence.
  2. Act at all times solely in the best interest of their employer, clients, the public, and the profession by acting in accordance with the professional standards and applicable techniques of the certification.
  3. Maintain competency in their respective fields and strive to constantly improve their professional skills. 
  4. Offer only professional services for which they are qualified to perform, and adequately inform clients and consumers about the nature of proposed services, including any relevant concerns or risks. 
  5. Inform each employer or client of any business interests or affiliations which might influence their judgment or impair their fairness. 
  6. Treat in confidential and private manner information acquired during professional and business dealings of any present or former employer or client. 
  7. Comply with all laws and regulations of the jurisdictions where professional activities are conducted. 
  8. Respect the intellectual property and contributions of others.
  9. Not intentionally communicate false or falsified information that may compromise the integrity of the evaluation process of a candidate for a professional designation. 
  10. Not act in any manner that could compromise the reputation of PECB or its certification programs 
  11. Fully cooperate on the inquiry following a claimed infringement of this Code of Ethics. 

Why choose PECB eLearning training courses?

  • Increased reach and learning facilitation
    With eLearning, you can learn anytime, on your schedule.
  • A more personalized experience
    You can choose the training course of your need and preference and advance at your own pace
  • Limitless access to high-quality training courses
    You will have access to online resources, training courses, and other related information.
  • Interactive training courses delivered by multiple experts
    Our premium-quality and interactive content is delivered by different experts.
  • Decreased travel and reduced material costs
    You will lower costs by taking the training course from the comfort of your chosen environment.