Secure 254 - Security BTC Program ( “Be The Change”)

Secure 254 - Security BTC Program ( “Be The Change”)

The program, in partnership with all stakeholders who share a common vision, aims at ensuring our businesses, residents, schools, Universities, Hotels, communities, multi-tenant buildings, and shopping malls’ are safe, secure to live, work and visit.
Your participation in the program demonstrates your commitment and dedication to a safe and secure society.

The SECURE 254 program targets Universities, Schools and learning institutions, gated communities, Hotels, hospitals, shopping malls/supermarkets, corporate entities, businesses, property management agents, security solution providers, and other commercial organizations to participate as partners in a comprehensive fully enhanced security operations management program. 
The security and safety program is a concept founded on the African philosophy of UBUNTU – togetherness. An ancient African work of humanity to others “I am because you are”. 

The security strategy is based on the realization of the fact that the first line or key component on our defense against crime, terrorism, and other anti-social behaviors’ e.g. drug abuse among the youth, is the potential target i.e. community.
The program supports and is fully committed to operationalizing President UHURU Kenyatta’s vision: Security is everybody’s responsibility “our security starts with you and me

Objectives and Roles of Secure 254 
In broad terms, the term security refers to the absence of incidences, threat, and fear of:-

  • Harm to life; accidents, workplace injuries, healthy well-being, etc. 
  • Business losses, theft, and protection of key assets e.g. terrorism, data/information, death of key staff, counterfeit, fraud, compliance, brand image, etc.
  • Vulnerability to criminality – neighboring environment, sabotage, arson, the proliferation of small arms, etc
  • Violent crime and sexual harassment
  • Antisocial behavior i.e. theft, drug abuse, fraud, forgery, etc
  • The extreme radicalization of vulnerable groups (internal threat). 

Our integrated security & safety program (SSP) is structured to achieve the following:-

  • Transform our traditional approach and perception of security in our organizations.
  • The participation of the private sector in making our Counties, cities, neighborhoods’, Schools, businesses, and communities safe and secure. 
  • Enhance awareness of the concept and benefits of an integrated security and safety program.
  • Demonstrate the structure and benefits of enhanced security operations and performance management ( SOPM)
  • Support Kenya’s vision 2030; to ensure Kenya is a safe and secure destination. 
  • Transform the private security industry in supporting the government's vision of delivering services to the community.
  • Shaping perception and security culture in our workplace i.e. duty of care 
  • Work with employers who in essence have a moral, as well as legal responsibility and obligation for the health, safety, and security of their employees.
  • Ensure the provision of security services and solutions are affordable, efficient, responsive, and cost-effective.
  • Activate business and neighborhood crime watch networks (CWN).
  • Enhance real-time surveillance, accountability, and responsibility at all levels.
  • Demonstrate the value of CSR programs in making our communities and businesses safe and secure
  • Deliver community security and safety awareness programs at all levels.
  • Establishing and strengthening networks among all security and safety professionals, companies, and contracted service providers.
  • Support the concept of safer cities and 24hr economy.
  • Enhance the skills, competencies, performance, certification recognition, and career progression of Security offices at all levels as stipulated in the Kenya National qualifications framework.


  • Delivering an integrated security & safety program that enhances emergency preparedness, crime prevention, Disaster management, contingency planning, and business continuity planning. 
  • It is responsive to the security needs and priorities of businesses and communities.
  • Provides a structured and proactive approach, processes, and documented procedures.
  • Has inbuilt value proposition and guaranteed return on investment ( ROI)
  • Ensures security and safety is not a perception but a reality, a way of life, and a business enabler.
  • Reduction on your annual insurance premium – risk improvement.

We are therefore formally inviting you to confirm your desire to participate and be part of the SECURE 254 program and be recognized as a partner in this transformative program.
“Be part of the transformation and business growth in Kenya”.

Your confirmation and show of interest will also help us in planning the follow-up SECURE 254 security forums.   We welcome you and THANK YOU.

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