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Secure 254

It is an integral part of  SECURE KENYA 2030 private sector strategy and aligned with Kenya’s vision 2030. The program aims at ensuring our businesses, residents, schools, Universities, Hotels, communities, multi-tenant buildings, and shopping malls’ are safe, secure to live, work and visit in partnership with all stakeholders who share a common vision.

  1. Your participation in the program demonstrates your commitment and dedication to a safe and secure society. A branded logo is installed in your location.
  2. Provides a structured and proactive approach, processes, and documented procedures. Has inbuilt value proposition and guaranteed return on Investment ( ROI)
  3. Ensures security and safety is not a perception but a reality, a way of life, and a business enabler.
  4. Reduction on your annual insurance premium – risk improvement.

In broad terms, the term security refers to the prevention of business losses, protection of assets, absence of incidences and internal threat, 
The programs include:- 

  1. Establish business and neighborhood crime watch networks (CWN).
  2. Enhance real-time surveillance, accountability, and responsibility at all levels
    Duty of Care; prevent accidents, workplace injuries and level of emergency preparedness etc. 
  3. Cybersecurity,  theft, and protection of key assets e.g. terrorism, data/information, counterfeit, fraud, compliance, brand image etc.
  4. Vulnerability assessment/criminality – neighboring environment, sabotage, arson, crime trends, the proliferation of small arms, etc
  5. Violent crime and sexual harassment
  6. Antisocial behavior i.e. theft, drug abuse, fraud, forgery, etc
  7. Extreme radicalization of vulnerable groups i.e. internal threat).